Accidents, cancer, heart attacks can all lead to financial ruin. Don’t let it happen to you.
American General Accident Expense Plus®

To cope with skyrocketing medical costs, more and more employers and individuals are choosing major medical insurance policies that have increased deductibles and co-payments. While these plans often make health insurance premiums more affordable, they also shift responsibility for a large portion of health care costs to you.

Accident Expense Plus is perfect for individuals and families who would like to experience fewer out-of-pocket medical expenses in the case of a covered accident or critical illness.o.

Imagine accident coverage that:
  • Can rapidly reimburse you for a wide variety of costs related to covered accidents
  • Can help cover deductibles, co-pays and other expenses not covered by your primary major medical plan
  • Pays benefits to you regardless of other coverage you have
  • Can also provide a lump sum payout if you’re diagnosed with any of three major critical illnesses

That’s Accident Expense Plus – an economical and intelligent way to protect your family from health care costs related to accidents. Accident Expense Plus can provide benefits for a wide range of accident-related costs, from emergency room visits to physical therapy to diagnostic exams – even surgery. The “plus” is an optional Critical Illness Rider that can pay a lump sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with invasive cancer, heart attack or stroke..


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